“You shared a concept that has been on the surface of me for so long, but I haven't ever explored. My soul, my heart, my mind has opened… having a voice and hearing it from the outside has changed my life honestly. I want to experience so much more with my life, and all the moments in between, whether that be in some amazing far away place, or laying on the grass with my son, watching the clouds go by… I couldn't even move, just cried.” // M. Fowler, Canada


"After 22 years... I can honestly say, I have never seen a live demonstration of that power. I have never seen so many people openly cry... Today I watched Men cry, some went and called their wives and children. Women were sobbing. and NOT because Jesh did ANYTHING to make us cry. But because he took a gorgeous couple out of the audience and asked them some questions about each other. What they then did made us cry. I will never be the same after witnessing the exchange, between this Man and Woman. They will never be the same, I’m quite sure. There is an audience here that have just experienced the most simple, beautiful and honest thing you can see and that is the open expression of love between 2 human beings... Jesh you are a hero for being brave enough to remind the world of the beauty of why we are here." // S. Bryce, New Zealand


"We all want our heart to feel full, to have someone stare into our eyes and say everything without uttering a sound. I was lucky enough to be reminded of this by the amazingly gentle soul that is Jesh de Rox. He spoke to a room full of hardened professionals earlier this week... the majority of whom were skeptics, to put it kindly. But he was so honest, and so raw, and we were putty in his hand for over two hours and would happily have stayed for more. I’ve never been in a room where the crowd hung on the presenter’s every word like that. Both men and women were at times quietly weeping and at other times openly sobbing. Shedding tears for Jesh, for the people who volunteered but mostly for our hungry selves. We were hungry alright, hungry for him to continue to show us ourselves in the mirror of our lives… it was such a personal experience for everyone in the room that I don’t think my words could do it justice." // E. Burrow, Australia


“…my god. you gave me the best two hours of my life, the best words i have ever heard. what i needed to hear. you changed my life today…” // P. Marostica, Brazil