Sydney, Australia  // October 23-25, 2017

Superfeel is a creative workshop and retreat held in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Join us this coming October in the stylish and vibrant city of Sydney, Australia.

Years of dealing with unprocessed trauma and constant stress leave many people tied in exhausting emotional knots, feeling weary and disconnected from themselves and those around them. Superfeel is a safe and exhilarating space designed to help you loosen the bonds and reclaim your personal power.

Through a unique, immersive, 3 day experience, you will strengthen your awareness of how your mind and body work together to create extraordinary quality of life, giving you access to untapped reservoirs of clarity and creative energy. 

You will leave Superfeel feeling free - inspired and equipped to do what you came to this world to do, engaging life with a deeper level of joy, meaning and impact. 


More than a decade spent exploring consciousness, creativity and joy with thousands of people across the planet has given artist and speaker Jesh de Rox a unique insight into the human condition. His life is dedicated to raising quality of life for as many people as possible.


+ 3 days & nights of self discovery and creative exploration that will ignite your creative fires

+ instruction and guidance in implementing practices that rewire your brain to more easily access states of wonder, connection and joy

+ an amazing space to meet inspiring people who are on your same journey

+ group creative adventures around the sparkling city of Sydney, Australia. 

+ lot's of laughing, maybe a happy tear or two and more fun than you've had since you were 3 years old ;) 


FIVE PAYMENTS: $435 (monthly)

ONE PAYMENT: $1975  

* PLEASE NOTE: Purchases are transferrable, up to one month before the event, but not refundable for any reason.