15 years spent exploring consciousness, creativity and joy has led to the development of Superfeel - a unique, immersive, 3 day experience that will strengthen your awareness of how your mind and body work to create your life experience, help you understand the personal walls that can separate you from joy and simple practices to help you break them.

Especially designed for the creative entrepreneur needing a mental reset, you will leave Superfeel feeling free - empowered and equipped to create impactful and meaningful work and a life you're proud to call your own.

If there' s a feeling in you that you were made for something bigger than you've so far realized, Superfeel is the perfect place to come find it.


Superfeel: Creative Retreat includes 3 days and nights of creative talks, reflection, experiments and self-discovery. Location to be provided after booking. Spaces are transferable but not refundable for any reason.


SYDNEY - AUGUST 9-11, 2017


1 Pay - $1497 (50% Alumni Pricing)

3 Pay - $547 (50% Alumni Pricing)