i am fascinated with human potential.

Free will is the greatest of our human gifts. But of the thousands of choices we make every day, how many of them are actually free will? If they are, why do we so often makes choices that hurt those we care about, the world we live in and even ourselves? Who could we become if we actually were free? 

I've spent most of my life traveling the planet, meeting thousands of people in over 30 countries in an effort to understand the forces that make us who we are. From refugees to presidents, billionaires to busboys, extravagant celebrities to ascetic monks - our variety is astounding. And yet, for all our apparent differences, we face internal dilemmas that are remarkably similar in nature. 

My work explores the parts of the mind that are responsible for shaping who we become and how to connect them with our conscious awareness. As an artist, consultant and speaker, I create spaces where participants learn to access states of connection, creativity and joy with an ease and depth that is often surprising.  

I specialize in empowering communities, companies and individuals whose missions are focused on dynamic social change and improving quality of life for as many people as possible.


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